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BREAKING NEWS. We are almost to the point of death! It's starting to look like A triple rainbow! THAT'S A WHOLE RAINBOW! 15:47, April 28, 2012 (UTC)

Welcome to Total Drama Network Wiki!

This is the Community Center! Here at TDN Wiki, every founder/admin has a welcome message to new users!

Founder Avi's Welcome

Hola, Ello, & Bonjour new users! I'm your friendly neighborhood founder AverageHero AKA Avi! I hope you enjoy your stay here and we've got lots of exciting stuff to partake in here at Total Drama Network Wiki!

Founder/Admin SFE's Welcome

Thanks for trying out the Total Drama Network Wiki!

I'm one of the founders, but not the highest founder. I hope you enjoy your stay on the Total Drama Network Wiki! Join some roleplays! :)

Founder/Admin Flame's Welcome

Hello, wikians! I'm FameFlame, Flame for short, and one of the founders. Not the highest, but I'm a founder. I'm currently hosting Total Drama Redemption. I hope you enjoy it here at the Total Drama Network Wiki!

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