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This is a list of rules to be followed on the Total Drama Network Wiki.

  1. Please keep a civil language while on the wiki. Any foul language towards another user will result in punishment to the speaker.
  2. No fighting between users will be tolerated unless specifically agreed to in a roleplay.
  3. No Fanfiction or Camps are allowed here. They have their own wikis.
  4. All roleplays must have a page that describes the competition and holds the sign-ups/auditions for the actors in the roleplay. A place and time must also be specified for the roleplay's challenges or other tasks.
  5. Roleplays can be held on a private IRC channel, a room on Chatango, on LiveChat (if you have a reserved time and date), or on a Blog.
  6. Please no spamming, this means no making comments in order to get people to sign-up for your roleplay, or help someone else get sign-ups. Your only allowed for sign-ups and updates on roleplays. Anywhere else, you can add anything, the no spamming rule is still in affect.


If you have any reccomendations for rules, please list them below:

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