Welcome! This page is all about Total Drama Roleplay Reborn, an online series created by Avi! This series was inspired by Total Drama Roleplay!

Season Two - Poopy Drama MoviesEdit

Total Drama: Revenge of the Action is the upcoming first season of PDM involving the 22 new contestants from Total Drama: Revenge of the Island returning to the film lot for some dramatic fun at the movies!

Episode 1: Rescheduled to Sunday, May 23th 2014 @7:00 Central

Contestant Actor Teams
Geanna Zanna Screaming Lights
Owani Info Box Screaming Lights
Heris Avi Killer Sounds
Christ Trey Killer Sounds, Captain
Danny Austin Killer Sounds
Fanny Sgt. Frog Epic Killer Sounds
Joean Zanna Killer Sounds
Lian INDF Screaming Lights, Captain
Mal Flame Screaming Lights
Samant Flame Screaming Lights
Scrat Avi Screaming Lights
Stannie Trey Killer Sounds
Zanole Carl Killer Sounds
Mon Avi Screaming Lights

Ethan                    Jo                     Killer Sounds                                                                  Arlo                 axxin                        Screaming Lights                                                        Evan                  Gi                           Killer Sounds                                                               Alingerangero    TWT                       Screaming Lights                                                          Nerol             The Cin                       Killer Sounds                                                            Busterina        Kina                                Screaming Lights                                                  Noahha           Con                            Killer Sounds                                                              Lenna              SP                               Screaming Lights                                                        RANLI    hOST                                                               Edit

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